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  • 3D Printing injection Mold

    3D Printing injection Mold

    Via 3D printing technology, the Car thermal system cooling fan mold cooling time can be shorten from original cooling time 28S to 12S, ±23S, that is, 9 ~ 15S. And if assembly 3D inserts, the cooling cycle can basically reach the anticipate acceptance standard 9~12s;the efficiency and speed can also reach the expected improvement.

  • Large Capacity Molds factory

    Large Capacity Molds factory

    Through many years of experience in design and cooperation with overseas customers, Jimei has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, the mold production has reached the precise mold standards of the United States and Europe.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Service

    Plastic Injection Molding Service

    Surface treatment: VDI 3400 Code, SPI finish standard, MOLD-TECH, textured surface, polish etc. Software: UG/ Solidworks / Pro-E / Moldflow/ Plastics Insight etc.

  • Injection Molding Services

    Injection Molding Services

    With a full set of advanced mould manufacturing and processing equipment, such as CNC, EDM, digital controlled lathe, processing centre, injection machine, wire cutting machine, milling machine, electrical discharge machine, grinding machine,CMM 3D inspection machine ect, JIMEI have the ability to complete a set of procedure which including mould design,insert processing, mould assembly, trial mould ect.

  • Plastic Injection Mold Suppliers

    Plastic Injection Mold Suppliers

    Mold cavity number: Single cavity, Multiple cavity products etc.

  • Plastic Injection Tool

    Plastic Injection Tool

    According to the customer's needs, all injection mold sliders use wear-resistant steel blocks, and each piece will be engraved corresponding number.

  • Hot Runner molds

    Hot Runner molds

    Adopt good performance steel to manufacture mould, the mould life can reach 500,000 times to 1 million times. High precision machining equipment, so as to ensure the precision of the mould workpiece.The mold which made by JIMEIi has the interchangeability between the workpiece and the mold, reducing the time in the production process, and convenient for the customer to use in the injection molding production.

  • Large Capacity injection molds

    Large Capacity injection molds

    Whether in mould design, mould manufacture or mould inspection,the impact of these steps on injection molding will be noticed, which enables our cross-departmental communication more smooth and provide better technical support to customers.

  • About Us

    About Jimei

    About Jimei

    Shenzhen Jimei Mold technology Co.,Ltd. is one of Shenzhen Machinery Association member and governing units and established in year 2004 with 30 million RMB registered capitals.

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